to go & Take-away


Snacking is more popular than ever before and a real revenue booster, with an increasing number of customers opting for lots of smaller snacks over the course of the day and foregoing heavy meals.


From takeaway outlets to bakeries, restaurants and cafés, every culinary establishment is able to adapt to this trend in its own unique way. Our cakes and gateaux are an ideal solution that can be enjoyed almost anywhere and at any time of day.


Whether it’s a light bite from a delivery service or something more substantial from their favourite restaurant to go, there are countless reasons why customers love a takeaway – and demand is growing. Important factors include:
  • Right choice of products
  • Quick to defrost or to replenish
  • Cater to mainstream tastes
  • Easy personalisation with toppings


TO GO Options 

This is where first impressions really count, so make sure your range is presented beautifully. Products should be packaged so that they show that all-important wow factor. 4 tips for to-go solutions:
  • Visually appealing presentation
  • Simple recipes: max. 3 steps to prepare
  • Transparent packaging, or with a window