Excellence through

and through

Quality is a founding principle here at Erlenbacher and one that begins for us in the fields. It underpins every aspect of our work, from hand-selecting our valued partners to sourcing raw materials and choosing where these are grown. We know exactly where our ingredients come from, and can trace the journey they take to get to us. We also know many of our farmers and suppliers personally, and have done for several years now. We like to think that this builds trust and encourages a mutual appreciation of each other’s work. Ultimately, we are convinced that our fair, transparent approach and commitment to our teams and the environment take our cakes to the next level.

Every detail counts!

Certified deliciousness

Quality and deliciousness are our top priorities. This is why the quality of our work and our products is inspected and certified by independent bodies on a regular basis. However, proof of this has long been in the pudding, has it not?


From Farm to Fork