Simple can be so delicious


Deliciously crisp, convenient handling and strategically sized portions to maximise profits. This makes our tarts ideal for:

  • dessert as part of a menu
  • snack for in between
  • star of the buffet

Handling our tarts really couldn’t be easier. These little portions of deliciousness are quick and easy to prepare, ticking every last box in terms of market demand. Perhaps the best thing about our tarts is just how easy they are to handle. Not only are they quick to defrost and easy to present, but they also stay looking irresistible and ultra-fresh for longer. These sweet treats are the perfect addition to almost any menu in a wide variety of settings.

No stress!

Practical all-rounders

  • Handling our tarts really couldn’t be easier – they’re super-practical a ready to serve in a flash.
  • Available in four different varieties, which allows you to offer a diverse range on your buffet.
  • Thanks to the short defrosting time, they are extremely versatile and the perfect solution for every occasion.
  • Pre-cut into 12 portions, these tarts enable you to control food costs and ensure accurate calculations. 
  • Despite a low cost per portion, you can still rely on the highest standards of Erlenbacher quality.
  • With an optimum display time, these pre-cut tarts ensure accurate portion control and enable caterers and hoteliers to manage their kitchen sustainably.


Is there anything these tarts can´t do?

Our mouth-watering collection of fruity flavours includes berry, apple and strawberry – and did we mention our decadent chocolate tart adorned with lots of crisp chocolate curls? With their sumptuous toppings, delicious fruit and moreishly creamy fillings, our shallow tarts taste just as good as they look – not to mention their impressive versatility!

Keep it simple tarts: