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50 years of Erlenbacher cheesecakes
The cheesecake revolution

Cheesecakes are eaten in almost every country of the world. They’re not only served in cafés and motorway service stations, but also as desserts in award-winning restaurants. It’s not surprising though, as cheesecakes have always been a firm favourite all over the world!

Our curiosity has constantly driven us to find new ways of presenting this time-honoured classic. We’ve experimented with recipes, modified existing cakes and brought out new products – continually inspired by international market developments and trends. Over the years, we’ve expanded our range of traditional German-style quark-based cheesecakes to include American-style cheesecakes made with cream cheese. 

Erlenbacher’s cheesecake portfolio has been strongly influenced by the following 

food trends:

  • American-style
  • eye-catching
  • multi-sensory
  • food pairing
  • fusion food
  • plant-based

German classic

Cheesecake became a brand in its own right – a true status symbol. This is when we launched our first cheesecake, which we are still baking today, with the same Erlenbacher passion. It has since become a key product in our portfolio – and is definitely here to stay! Over the following years, Erlenbacher released other cheesecakes, including those with fruit, and the chocolately Zebra Cream Cheese Cake.

American style 

At the turn of the century, we saw the first influences from across the Atlantic.

  • Launch of the first American-style cheesecake – still a best-seller today!
  • New ingredients and recipes
  • Full-fat cream cheese
  • Now even creamier with a crisp base
  • Conquering of the international cheesecake market

Cheesecake swirl

Food trends are continually changing and keep us on our toes. 

  • Food pairing arrives! In 2006, we’re the first to sell cheesecakes with a fruit swirl on the German market
  • Cream cheese combined with different fruity and caramelly fillings
  • Stunning to look at and a brand-new taste sensation!
  • New: first cheesecakes to be baked without the traditional German side crust


Cream and Supreme

Since 2015, our cheesecakes have come in three delicious categories: American-style, Cream and Supreme, all with different consistencies and degrees of creaminess.

  • Inspired by emerging food trends: eye-catching and multi-sensory
  • Introduction of three other cheesecakes
  • Extravagant design
  • Unusual combinations of delicious flavours
  • Different textures

Crazy cheesecakes!

Our Crazy Cheesecake Club is launched!

  • Brand-new, bang-up-to-date varieties
  • Responds to several food trends all at once
  • Three out of six products won the Superior Taste Award from International Taste Institute Brussels in this same year

They are all very eye-catching in display counters and cabinets, and some are a fusion of classic German recipes and American cheesecakes (CARROT CAKE COMBINED WITH A CREAM CHEESE FILLING)

Vegan club members

In 2022, we finally launched two vegan cheesecake alternatives for customers who want to enjoy cheesecakes with a clear conscience. We made the move to embrace the plant-based mega-trend just before our 50th anniversary.

  • Five decades of high-quality products – both traditional and innovative
  • Extensive portfolio of products
  • Expertise
  • Long-standing cheesecake experts
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