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Strawberry cake

Art. Nr.: 8110210

Hand-cut strawberries on a layer of dark sponge, with a layer of creamy pudding and fi nished with a fluffy sponge base. This Homestead Cake is perfect for strawberry lovers. The shiny glaze makes it stand out in any display case.

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Blueberry Cake

Art. Nr.: 8108750

A delicious cheese filling on a breadcrumb and oatmeal base. Topped completely with blueberries and glazed.

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Damson Cake 

Art. Nr.: 8106479

A pure delight! On a delicious crispy shortcrust pastry base is a fluffy and juicy sponge cake layer with halved sweet-sour damsons, on which is coarse golden brown butter crumble.

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Cherry Marble Cake

Art. Nr.: 8108712

One light and one dark muffin mixture attractively marbled and filled with juicy cherries. Decorated with roasted almond slivers and glazed. A juicy treat!

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Apple Almond Cake

Art. Nr.: 8108721

A light muffin mixture with apple slices on a crispy crumble base. Strikingly decorated with a mixture of butter crumble, and sugary flaked almonds

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Cheese & Tangerine Cake

Art. Nr.: 8106471

The creamy cheese filling is on a crispy shortcrust pastry base. On top are juicy tangerine segments, slightly sunken. Covered with cake glaze.

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Rhubarb & Strawberry Cake

Art. Nr.: 8106747

Crunchy pleasure! On a crunchy shortcrust pastry base is a sponge cake layer covered with rhubarb and strawberry pieces. Sprinkled with crunchy almonds.

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Art. Nr.: 8108748

A creamy cheese filling with sour cream covers a crispy breadcrumb and oatmeal base. A rustic spoon design makes this cheesecake an attraction on any counter!

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Mandarin cheesecake

Art. Nr.: 8110026

No edge trimming. The creamy cheesecake is decorated lovingly with mandarin slices and delicately glazed.

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Cherry crumble cake

Art. Nr.: 8109902

No edge trimming. Sweet and sour cherries for all taste buds. A light sponge cake topped with cherries and crunchy baked crumbles.

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Plum cake

Art. Nr.: 8109899

No edge trimming. Juicy plum halves are presented in full magnificence on the fluffy yeast cake. Fruits are distributed in a rugged look and are covered with a fine glaze.

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Apple cake

Art. Nr.: 8109897

No edge trimming. Large peeled apple pieces are slightly sunken in the pale coloured sponge cake, decorated with almond flakes and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

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