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 BARISTA CAKES are precisely matched to the fine aromas of your speciality coffees

We believe that cakes should be the perfect complement to your carefully prepared coffee. The delicate aroma profile of the coffee can even be emphasized by carefully matched flaovours. 

The BARISTA CAKES are flat, round cakes with a diameter of 24cm and pre-cut into 12 portions for easy handling.

BARISTA CAKES - The perfect accompaniment

Speciality coffees with added value

With our BARISTA CAKES, developed especially for your needs, you can offer your guests the perfect accompaniment to your speciality coffees.
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We have developed our BARISTA CAKES together with the coffee roaster and barista Jonas Braun. He is a professional with a lof of know-how and experience. The flavours of the cakes are matched to both classic and modern, international specialitiy coffees. 

"Coffee Insights"

In order to get a little insight into the "World of coffee specialties", we provide the small booklet "Coffee Insights". With this you never lose the overview.

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BARISTA Aroma Wheel

Coffee consists of over 800 different aromas, making it one of the most complex natural products. The preperation of a coffee determines which and how strongly the aromas are perceived. Every speciality coffee has its own aroma profile. 

Our BARISTA CAKES are perfectly matched to this.

BARISTA CAKES - the best concept

Our barista Wolfgang shows us his experiences with the BARISTA CAKES. What different does the concept entail and why it is "The best concept that he has ever used", you can find out in the video.
Take a look and see for yourself.

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Apple and blackcurrant tart

order code: 8110124

The perfect balance between fruit acid and a soft sweet note. Just an apple tart?! Far from it! A butter shortcrust pastry base. On which there is a layer of blackcurrant fruit preparation and a layer of a soft sour cream dessert. On the top are unevenly distributed apple slices, caramalized and covered with glaze.

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Chocolate and raspberry Tart

order code: 8110122

The elegant colour and the acidity of the raspberries contrast with the chocolate tart. This showstopper will make your cake-heart melt! A shortcrust base with cocoa is filled with a layer of smooth chocolate ganache. On which are distributed crunchy chocolate pieces and a raspberry preparation. Garnished with whole raspberries and a clear cake glaze as a fancy finish.

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Banana-Walnut-Cake vegan

order code: 8110126

A white oat drink based topping covers this nutty banana bread. A moist base of banana bread with walnuts on crispy oat crunch covered with a generous layer of oat drink based topping. Chopped pistachios decorate this vegan and palm products free cake.

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Chocolate and salted caramel tart

order code: 8110131

Salted caramel is on top of this sinfully delicious chocolate tart. A chocolate shortcrust pastry base, filled with rich chocolate sponge and chocolate coated salted caramel crunchy balls are below a creamy, salted caramel and white chocolate topping. Finished with chocolate slices and icing sugar.

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BARISTA CAKES are made for easy handling:

The BARISTA CAKES recipes have been selected so that they are also particulary easy to handle:

  • flat round cakes (24cm diameter)
  • Pre-cut into 12 portions
  • Only a few hours to defrost at room temperature
  • Frozen slices of cake can be removed individually
  • Service life of 2 days, ideally in cooling
  • Mix quarters of the cakes on the plate for more choice and where space is tight.
Room temperature: 21-22°C, Refrigator: 6-7°C

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