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Product Concepts

Discover our new, creative products! First-class, innovative product concepts in a class of their own  are developed - always with a close eye on current trends, combined with traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Come and see for yourself!

January 2020

Homemade Style - Home is, where someone bakes for you

Which cake lover doesn't appreciate them: artisanal tray bakes in their most popular forms: apple, plum, cherry or mandarin cheese cakes!

We offer you top sellers with a handcrafted look and the familiar taste of good ingredients.

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September 2019

Our Cream Delight Slices  - The new generation of cream slices

People often think that traditional cream slices are old-fashioned. But things look quite different when it comes to the recipes - tried-and-tested flavours are still popular. However, with standard portions, even one slice is often too much. So how can you benefit from this potential? The winning formula for a new kind of slice:

smaller portions + popular flavours = Cream Delight Slices

Our Cream Delight Slices - Download Folder

January 2019

IndulgencePLUS -Food habits are changing 

In the past, eating as a pleasurable activity was seen as “sinful”, something to feel guilty about. These days, it's a very different story. Food can be a source of health and well-being as well as of pleasure. With no need to feel guilty!

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