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Bringing the winter wonderland to your kitchen

Prepare creative winter desserts for your customers in next to no time

During the winter months, professional restaurateurs, hoteliers and café owners are often faced with new challenges. As much as you might want to get more out of your creative desserts, both time and staff seem to be thin on the ground. Sound familiar? Well, we’re here to help with our frozen cakes and gateaux. Discover our quick and easy tips to create winter desserts with a wow factor!

A crisp winter dessert

Walnut Crunch Slice

A crispy nutty delight. The Walnut Crunch Slice is indescribably crispy and so easy to decorate – a perfectly extravagant dessert with multi-sensory appeal.

Dessert PDF

Dessert Video

Beetroot meets brownie

Pecan Brownie

Café serving suggestion: The Pecan Brownie tastes wonderfully moist and chocolatey, just as it comes. However, we dust it here with beetroot powder and combine it with one of today's trending coffees, a pink latte.

Video – dessert

American break

A medley of cheesecakes and brownies with a crunchy, fruity garnish creates a varied and indulgent American-style coffee break.

PDF – dessert

Deliciously cool: winter garden

Almond Cake Peanut and Caramel

There's more to the 'winter garden' than meets the eye... This is where warm flavours meet a cool, almost springlike appearance. And it tastes divine. Opposites obviously attract!

PDF – dessert

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