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The pick-me-up drink

But there’s much more to coffee than that!

Thanks to a wide range of aromas and preparation methods, coffee is continually reinventing itself.It’s combined with other products, consumed in different ways and simply enjoyed several times a day.For decades now, classics such as filter coffee, cappuccino and espresso have been a must on any menu and are consumed practically 24/7. However, new trends such as iced dark chocolate mochaccino, coconut cold-brew latte and coffbucha are also growing in popularity and are served in an increasing number of cafés.

Discover all the latest coffee trendsin our booklet "Coffee Insights"

Coconut cold-brew latte

This refreshing drink helps customers keep cool on a hot day. What’s more, this chilled drink is also vegan and tastes absolutely delicious! As the name says, coconut cold-brew latte is simply cold coffee and coconut milk or almond milk served over ice cubes.

How do cafés come up with the perfect product range?

It’s all about selling the right products at the right time. But what does that really mean? Bear in mind that customer needs in terms of coffee and cakes change over the course of the day, so you need to vary the products you sell depending on the reason why customers are there.

  • Breakfast (now eaten throughout the day / no fixed boundary between breakfast and other meals)
  • Cake to eat in with a coffee

Reason for visit: Breakfast range

Things need to be quick in the morning. Customers don’t have much time. They’re looking for a quick and easy breakfast, combined with a cup of traditional coffee or a cappuccino to go. Breakfast should be as healthy as possible and provide the necessary energy for the long day ahead. As a result, make sure that products available in the morning reflect these needs and are perfect for taking out.

Customer needs

  • quick, easy and healthy breakfast to go


  • special ’Coffee & Cake’ offer to take away
  • easy to serve
  • vegan
  • recyclable packaging/cups

Vegan Banana and Redcurrant Slice

A sweet and fruity energy boost: a vegan banana sponge cake with walnuts, topped with fruity redcurrants and a mixture of walnuts, almonds and oats – a thrilling explosion of flavours for vegans and non-vegans alike.

The pick-me-up trend: Coffbucha

Somewhat experimental, yet still a classic pick-me-up. Coffee is mixed with kombucha in this fashionable drink to create a fermented coffee. It combines two benefits in one drink: caffeine as a pick-me-up and kombucha to boost metabolism and stimulate the immune system.

Reason for visit: Afternoon cake

Needs are different in the afternoon. An afternoon break is seen as a way of escaping everyday stress and enjoying a sweet snack as a reward. At this point in the day, customers have more time to enjoy a piece of cake or gateau. Portions can be a little bigger – and there’s also the opportunity to offer something new. Vary your product offering accordingly! Grab your customers’ attention with an unexpected feature on your counter or in your display cabinet.

Customer needs

  • quiet coffee break and a sweet treat
  • discover something new


  • special eat-in ‘Coffee & Cake’ offer
  • eye-catching feature and ‘wow’ effect for your customers

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Stylish colours contrast with the tart tanginess of berries. This showstopper will have cake lovers wanting more! A chocolate shortcrust pastry case filled with a layer of decadently smooth chocolate ganache and topped with crisp shards of chocolate and a raspberry fruit preparation. Whole raspberries and a transparent glaze add the finishing artistic touch.

Bullet-proof coffee

Bullet-proof coffee is simply filter coffee enriched with one or two tablespoons of butter or coconut oil. Its high calorie count makes it a good source of energy and is extremely popular with coffee drinkers who follow a keto diet.

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