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Cake is a must!

Cake plays an important role for your guests in communal catering. Whether in catering for the elderly, in the company restaurant or in the refectory: cake is a must.

The balancing act of cost-effectiveness, efficient workflows and varied menu planning poses a special challenge for communal catering. We can support you in this.

The best for the community

Rely on our plate cakes especially for community catering and save yourself money, time and effort: we bake you the best cakes for your guests.

Tray Bakes 28 x 38 cm – Portionsize 4,7 x 9,5 cm - 24 portions

Discover their 7 success factors:

1. MAKE ALL YOUR GUESTS HAPPY: with our mix of top-selling flavours, complemented by nutrition-conscious cakes, and all at an attractive portion price.

2. EASIER THAN EVER: stored frozen, quickly regenerated when needed, neatly pre-cut into 24 portions.

3. FLEXIBLE FOR EVERY TIME OF DAY: We offer the perfect portion size, suitable for coffee, dessert with a lunch menu or as an in-between snack.

4. THE SIMPLE HANDLING ALLOWS YOU a targeted use of goods and thus a reliable calculation.

5. OPTIMUM STANDING TIME WITH BEST QUALITY: The cakes have a standing time of 2 days at room temperature. Despite the low portion price, you can rely on the best quality.

6. FOOD-WASTE GOES ZERO: Our product range supports your portion-precise planning and sustainable kitchen management through pre-portioning and flexible use.

7. THE PRODUCT RECEPTIONS ARE DEVELOPED so that the products are also suitable for take-away, tray picking or mobile canteens.

In Balance: The fine little cream slices

Cake is a must - but it doesn't always have to be big! All the better, because then our little cream cakes are just the thing. They are in no way inferior to their taller and larger colleagues.

With our 6 small pre-cut cream slices, we round off our GV product range in the usual Erlenbacher quality and also use our high-quality, fresh and natural ingredients for these.

The fine, small portion size is ideal for coffee, as a dessert or as an in-between snack. Simply defrost in portions as needed and use flexibly.

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